2016 – Saturday races at the Historic Festival 34 Lime Rock Park (Sep 3)

The 34th annual running of the Historic Festival was held at Lime Rock Park over the Labor Day weekend. The first two races for the nine groups of historic cars was held on Saturday (September 3). Hope you like the photos.

2016 LRP (222a9552)

2016 LRP (222a9545)Arrived at the track around 8 am. The Porsches looked great under the beautiful early morning light with the Berkshire hills in the background.

2016 LRP (222a9564)Saw a Jaguar 3.8 automatic amongst the many cars in the upper paddock. Was great to see a lot of fans were on hand for todays races.

2016 LRP (hc7a0331)For the start of Race 1 at 9 am, headed to the inside of West Bend (Turn 6). The Group 1, “small-bore road-going sports & GT cars, were first on the track. Here’s a great example of a 1967 Marcos GT exiting West Bend.

2016 LRP (222a9626)Each race lasted about 20 minutes, so it wasn’t long until the Group 2, ” all manner of Formula Fords”, were on track.  A 1971 Royale RP3A speeding along the Turn 6 to 7 straight.

2016 LRP (222a9644)A 1968 Lotus 51C.

2016 LRP (222a9666)The paddock was getting more packed with different types of exotic cars as the morning progressed.

2016 LRP (222a9751)Saw a cool retro sign as I was walking across the paddock to No Name Straight.

2016 LRP (222a9761)By the time I got to No Name Straight, the Group 4 “real and original Trans-Am cars” were on track.

2016 LRP (222a9806)Really liked how the morning light was illuminating the red paint work on the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

2016 LRP (222a9876)Stayed at No Name Straight for the Group 5 ” wildly assorted sporting sedans”, since liked how the light would illuminate the race cars and patches of trees in the background. A 1972 Datsun 510.

2016 LRP (222a9862)At speed with a 1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe.

2016 LRP (222a9884)Kept walking down No Name Straight to the top of the Uphill for the Group 6 “mid-century sports & racing cars”.

2016 LRP (hc7a0478)Rapid ascent with a 1963 Genie MKVII.

2016 LRP (222a9895)A 1959 Philson Falcon Sport Racer.

2016 LRP (222a0059)#65 from the Group 8 “post-1970 sports and racing cars”.

2016 LRP (222a0024)#20.

2016 LRP (222a0103)

2016 LRP (222a0120)Headed over to the upper paddock to get my favorite lunch at Lime Rock Park, a Bratwurst sausage on a Portuguese roll and a can of Coke!

2016 LRP (222a0115)Sat under a tree in the shade next to some cool looking motorbikes for lunch.

2016 LRP (222a0130)

2016 LRP (222a0132)

2016 LRP (222a0192)

2016 LRP (222a0160)

2016 LRP (222a0173)Getting up close to the “East Coast” Historic Trans-Am cars was great. Really liked the yellow #28 Ford Mustang against the red transporter.

2016 LRP (222a0194)

2016 LRP (222a0200)Other historic cars participating in the races were also in the B paddock. Was great how the teams would let the fans get up close to the cars.

2016 LRP (222a0242)

2016 LRP (222a0284)Then went down to the staging area where the cars would line up before the start of each race. The entrance to the staging area was a cool spot to get panning shots of the cars.

2016 LRP (hc7a0615)The track officials did a great job at directing the cars to their locations and letting the drivers know when it was time to get ready to leave the staging area for the race.

2016 LRP (hc7a0622)Ready to race!

2016 LRP (222a0319)

2016 LRP (222a0324)Left the staging area, and headed up to the outside of the Diving Turn. Along the way grabbed a shot of the B Paddock.

2016 LRP (222a0330)

2016 LRP (222a0341)The top of the Down Hill is a great place to watch the race and get a scenic view of the track.

2016 LRP (222a0357)Had a great second day at the Historic Festival 34. Unfortunately, couldn’t stay for the Concours d’Elegance on Sunday and the Monday races. Looking forward to next year. Thanks Lime Rock Park for hosting this event.

2016 LRP (222a0362)On the way back to the hotel stopped by Fountain Pond State Park for a photo in the beautiful afternoon light.

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