2022 Trans Am Memorial Day Classic (May 28)

For day two the the Trans Am Memorial Day Classic at Lime Rock Park, was excited not only for getting back to the race track, but also for the predicted rain, which always adds an extra dimension to images. Hope you like the photos.

On my way to the race track was thinking about limiting myself to one camera and lens in order to make myself think more about the shot. Since I’d be mainly focussed on track shots, the choice was between a camera body and the 70-200mm zoom lens or 500mm prime lens. Decided on a camera body with the 500mm prime lens mounted on a monopod, since I can always walk further away from the track to frame the shot, but can’t get closer, since I was shooting from the spectator side of the fence. Also, fitted the rain cover to the end of the lens, and if it rains, can easily unwrap the rain cover over the lens and camera. I guess I did end up taking a “second camera” which was my iPhone 12 Pro Max, that I used for scene setting shots.

(iPhone 12 Pro Max)

After leaving the car, walked through the concession area, so I could get to the road to walk up the hill to the outside of West Bend. Was lucky that a member of the Lime Rock Park staff with a golf cart saw me, and took me to where I was going, and also had a great chat.

(iPhone 12 Pro Max)

After arriving at the outside of West Bend, started to look around for a location to shoot the SVRA practice session which started at 9.05 am.

Decided to position myself so I could get 3/4 panning shots of the cars as they entered West Bend. What’s great about overcast conditions is the diffuse even light, and that you don’t need to think about the direction of the light, per se.

It’s also a good location to get shots of cars passing each other.

If you wait for the cars to go through West Bend, you can get a panning shot of the car with grass at the side of the track as the background.

(iPhone 12 Pro Max)

As the morning progressed, walked across the road to the spectator area which overlooks the Downhill. By now was getting use to this one camera + lens and iPhone combination. Still amazed on the photo quality that is achieved by the cameras in modern cell phones, which literally fit in your pocket. You can also see that the track and paddock were starting to get wet due to the light rain.

With the 500mm lens you can track the cars as they enter the corner into and along Sam Posey Straight.

Also tried some very slow shutter speed shots to see what I would get. These were low percentage shots, but managed to get a couple of shots. Here is one of them, with the paddock a blur of red, purple and blue.

As the SVRA session continued, walked down the road, through the paddock, then to the Infield Spectator area for shots of the International GT race which started at 10.20 am on a wet track. After the race was finished, walked over to the podium for shots off the winners.

(iPhone 12 Pro Max)

After the podium celebrations, looked up, and saw some ominous dark clouds approaching.

(iPhone 12 Pro Max)

But still headed back down to the Esses, and was good to see spectators in the hill over looking the track, despite the inclimate weather.

For the 11.25 am Skip Barber Race Series practice, walked along the outside of the Esses for inside panning shots of the F4 cars as they exited the Right-hander, since wanted to get shots of these cars with there red rear lights in the overcast conditions.

For the start of the 11.50 pm TA2 feature race headed over the bridge to the Outfield Spectator area for a start shot of the cars going along the Sam Posey Straight. The #89 3Dimensional Services Group Ford Mustang led the field of cars across the start/finish line.

It wasn’t long before a dry line started to appear on the track. The #20 BC Race Cars Chevrolet Camaro.

(iPhone 12 Pro Max)

These spectators had a great location to watch the race, and were ready for the wet weather approaching.

As I was heading back over the pedestrian bridge stopped for a shot of the cars going around Big Bend, and as I was taking the shot, the rain started (you may be able to see the rain drops against the back crash barrier above the cars. The #89 3Dimensional Services Group Ford Mustang and #78 DQ/GPX Live Camera/The Tool Shed Chevrolet Camaro.

Also tracked the #01 Barkau/Berryman/NAPA/MPCE Dodge Challenger around Big Bend and “under” the marshals stand.

With the rain starting to get heavier, walked over to the short straight between the exit of Big Bend and the entry to the Right Hander for panning shots of the cars. Was awesome watching the cars speed by with water spraying from there sides and behind them. The #20 BC Race Cars Chevrolet Camaro (top), #6 Franklin Road Apparel Chevrolet Camaro (middle) and #36 Bravo Trailers Chevrolet Camaro (bottom).

Then turned to my right, for rear shots of the cars as they braked into the Left Hander. The #30GHOST Energy/BC Race Cars Ford Mustang.

Out of the Left Hander with the #78 DQ/GPX Live Camera/The Tool Shed Chevrolet Camaro.

Speeding into No Name Straight with the #9 HP Tuners Ford Mustang.

Turned back to my left, to capture the cars as they entered the Right Hander. The #77 Liqui Moly/Turn 14 Distribution Chevrolet Camaro.

Then followed the cars through The Esses.  The #16 Waypointe Ford Mustang

(iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Headed to the podium for some winners circle photos.

After the TA2 race, headed back to Boston so I could spend the rest of the long weekend with my family. Had a great time getting back behind the camera to photograph motorsports. Thanks for spending your time to read this blog.

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