2021 New York Airshow (August 28 and 29)

As mentioned in the previous blog, a couple of months ago I went to the New York International Airshow. This blog will focus on all the aircraft and aerial displays I saw at this airshow. Hope you like the photos.


Left Boston around 7.30 am for the three to four hour drive along I-95S to I-90W, then I-84 to NY-208N to the Orange County Airport in Montgomery New York. For this photoshoot traveled with minimal equipment and only took one camera body, 70-200mm lens, 1.4x teleconverter, spare batteries, memory cards and small shoulder bag. There were different ticket options including Flight Line Club VIP, Lawn Boxes, Preferred Seating and General Admission. Decided on General Admission since wanted to be away from the flight line so could get shots of the planes with spectators in the foreground and to be able to walk around freely while the aerial shows were on.

Despite the overcast skies, it was great to be at an airshow, with a parachute display starting the aerial proceedings.

Next up was the Lucas Oil Pitts S-1-11B aerobatic display. The skill of the pilot and agility of this plane is amazing.

It wasn’t long until the US Navy F/A-18 streaked across the sky, demonstrating its high and low speed maneuverability.

The F/A-18 was then joined by its WWII counterpart, the F4U Corsair for a legacy fly-by. The gull-wing of the F4U provided a striking contrast to the wing design of the F/A-18.

The North America B-25J Mitchell then took to the skies, and if you would like to see more photos of this medium bomber, please refer to the previous blog.

It wasn’t long until the USAF Lockeed Martin F-22 Raptor hit the skies. This was the plane I was looking forward to seeing, since it was the first time I saw the plane in the sky. This single-seat tactical, fifth generation fighter is arguably the best in the world. The Raptors clipped diamond-like delta wing configuration with a reverse sweep on the rear of the wing can be seen in the photo above.

Air vortexes streaming from each side of the F-22 as it makes a hard right turn, then makes a 45-degree climb, followed by a high speed run from there left.

One of my favorite shots of the F-22, since you can clearly see the thrust vectoring nozzles at the ends of the Pratt and Whitney F119-PW-100 engines.To retain its stealth characteristics, the F-22 has three internal weapons bays, two small bays on each side of the fuselage, and a large main bay on the bottom of the fuselage. The above photograph shows the weapon bay doors open.

During this fly-by we had a good view of the top of the F-22, with its tinted canopy and different shades of grey colored surfaces.

Streaking across the sky with the F-22 Raptor.

Following the F-22, was the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang single-seat fighter bomber. Was great to hear the sound of this piston engined plane fly over you.

The Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota was used to take the parachutists to about 2500 thousand feet for their jumps. After the parachutists landed the UH-72A made a low level flyby with the crew chief waving to the crowd.

The head-line attraction of the airshow were the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds in there F-16 Fighting Falcon’s, which came speeding in from behind us.

Inbound with smoke generators on full power.

Diamond formation.

The white smoke trailing behind Thunderbirds 1 to 4 contrasted well against the dark sky.

Delta-formation over the tents lined along airshow center.

Opposing solo’s fly-by with Thunderbird 5 inverted.

This series of photo’s really shows how close Thunderbirds 1 to 4 fly to each other and the precision of this maneuver as it unfolds before you.

From precision to speed, with the opposing solo’s making a high speed pass from both sides of the airfield, with a cross-over at airshow center.

Moments later the delta formation flew by from the left.

“Up in the sky, it’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no its a Thunderbird” streaking across the sky.

Started to look for a foreground where I could try some low shutter speed “artsy” shots. Noticed a USA flag to my right, so waited for Thunderbirds 1 to 6 fly by me with the flag in the lower right corner of the frame. Was lucky to get this shot, albeit very abstract in nature due to the slow shutter speed.

Had a great day, and was looking forward to day two of the airshow.


Went back to the airshow the next day, and during the couple go hours I was there saw “Chuck Dramamine” with his low level aerial routine (top), The North American B25 Mitchell (middle) and the Lucas Oil Pitts S-1-11B aerobatic display. Left the airshow early so could get back home later that day.

Thanks for spending your time reading this blog.

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