2021 The B-25 Mitchell at the New York Airshow (August 28 and 29)

A couple of months ago went to the New York International Airshow and saw the North American B-25 Mitchell. Was awesome to see this WWII medium bomber. Hope you like the photos.

This years New York International Airshow was held at the Orange County Airport in Montgomery, New York. The U.S. Airforce Thunderbirds were the top attraction. However, the first blog about this airshow is on the North American B-25 Mitchell. About 10,000 of these WWI-era twin-engined medium bombers were produced and were used in all theaters of war by the U.S. Army Air Force and Marine Corps. The plane that flew at the airshow was a restored B-25J model named the “Pancihto” which is based at the Delaware Coastal Airport in Georgetown, Delaware. The following are a series of photographs of the B-25J over the two days of the airshow.


Today’s goal was to get “artsy” panning shots of the B-25J, but for this to work needed a foreground to pan the plane against. So decided to move away from the flight line so I could get the crowd of people in the foreground, with the plane flying overhead. Had to move around as the plane flew overhead and to predict its flight line relative to the crowd below. Used the 70-200mm lens at several focal lengths throughout this range. Also, for these shots to work, needed to use very slow shutter speeds in order to blur the crowd of people in the foreground.

First tried a panning shot of the B-25J taking off. Was really excited about this shot, except for the nose of the plane being partly obscured by a black colored object behind it. So reminded myself to try to get this shot when the plane returned for landing.

Looked to my right so I could get into position for the B-25J fly over from that side of the airfield.

Continued to watch the flight pattern of the B-25J and moved myself through the crowd of spectators to get different angles of approach.

As the B-25J approached for landing headed back towards the flight line for a shot of the plane touching down in front of a “colorful sea” of spectators.


Went back to the airshow the next day with the aim of getting editorial shots of the B-25J.

The spectators really enjoyed seeing the air demonstration by this warbird and showed their appreciation as it taxied past them. Thanks for spending your time reading this blog.

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