2021 The SVRA at Lime Rock Park (May 28 to 29)

One of the great things about the Memorial Day Classic at Lime Rock Park are the variety of race cars you get to see including Trans Am and vintage cars from the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA). This blog is about the SVRA sessions. Hope you like the photos.


Cars in the SVRA are divided into Groups 1 to 12, which include a wide variety of cars ranging from production sports cars, GT cars, Can Am, NASCAR, Trans Am, ALMS, Grand Am, open wheelers, IndyCars and Formula One. It’s this level of variety that really makes SVRA sessions exciting, especially when the sessions first start, since you don’t really know what type of car will appear on the track. Should also mention that I’ll do my best to correctly label the type of car in the photos, and if you see any incorrectly labeled photos, please let me know. For the late morning sessions went to the inside of West Bend. The dayglo fluorescent yellow livery of the #22 Marty Robbins 1981 Buick Regal Winston Cup car really stood out in the overcast conditions.

Next on the track were different open wheelers. Also, processed one of the photos in black and white with some grain to simulate a film photograph.

Really liked the sleek and streamlined lines of the #15 Swift DB5 S2.

For the afternoon SVRA sessions headed down to the paddock and across the track to the outside spectator area for shots of the cars racing down Sam Posey straight. The brilliant metallic paint work in this vintage #77 Ford Mustang really caught my eye.

Headed back over the pedestrian bridge to the inside of Big Bend for some shots going around this part of the track with the characteristic pond in the foreground.

A shot of the vintage #77 Ford Mustang going past the iconic signage at the apex of Big Bend.

Exiting Big Bend with the #15 Swift DB5 S2 (upper photo) and the #70 Ave/Riley AR-02 prototype. As mentioned above, you are not sure what to expect to see on the track during the early sessions and you could imagine my excitement when I saw the #70 and its striking orange paintwork. I think this chassis actually participated in an IMSA race.

After getting photos of the cars coming into and around Big Bend, walked to my right for shots of the cars entering the Lefthander.


The Saturday morning practice sessions started under overcast skies with rain falling, so went to the straight between the Uphill and Westbend for photos of the cars with “rooster tails” of water spraying behind them.

Then walked down to the Uphill for a series of shots of the vintage Ford Mustang coming into, around and over the Uphill.

Here’s a shot of the beautiful red and white #98 Corvette near the top of the Uphill.

For the afternoon sessions went to the outside of Westbend for photos of the cars coming into and around this part of the track. Really enjoyed photographing the SVRA cars, especially on a wet track. There is something about photographing in the rain which makes me feel “alive”. Thanks for spending your time reading this blog.

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