Quick Blog – 2013 Nurburgring 24 Hrs (May 17)

For our first day at the Nurburgring we drove to the Breidscheid spectator area at the northern end of the track near the town of Adenau. The car entrance is near a small Chapel, then you take the road up the hill to the spectator area and day parking. It was pouring down rain and the camping and parking areas were very muddy. We actually got our car stuck in the camping area, and were lucky that several fans helped to push our car free (lesson learnt, stay on the main driving area in the rain). After parking the car, I put the 5DIII with 300mm f/2.8L and 1.4x extender mounted inside an OpTech USA rain cover. This was the first time I seriously photographed in the rain, so didn’t know what to expect, but it was worth it for getting shots of the cars as they drive through the rain, with the spray of the cars coming from the wheel arches and rear of the car, and lights reflecting off the track. The rain cover did a great job to keep the rain off the camera gear, and allowed good access to the controls. In fact, the bigger issue was that I was getting very wet and cold (lesson learnt, wear warmer clothing and Techwear under clothing to protect yourself from the rain, and better shoes to keep your feet dry).

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9360)Audi Race Experience R8 LMS ultra (SP9 GT3 class) speeding downhill in the rain before turing into the left-hand corner (Canon 5D Mark III, 300mm f2.8L IS II with 1.4x extender III, 420mm, f/4, 1/1000, ISO 100; Bottom of Breidscheid spectator area near top of stairs)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9501)Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA (SP8 class) speeding around the left-hand corner in the rain (Canon 5D Mark III, 300mm f2.8L IS II with 1.4x extender III, 420mm, f/18, 1/13, ISO 100; Top of Breidscheid spectator area)


In the afternoon drove to the Quiddelback car park, then walked for about 2 km along a wet muddy path, which in some parts had elevation changes, and was parallel to the track. Unfortunately, the catch fencing was up all along the track and there wasn’t any high spectator spots to shoot over the fence. However, did find one spot where the track was elevated at a corner exit and you could photograph the cars exiting the corner and going down the hill, but due to the distance, needed the 300mm f/2.8L and 1.4x extender (the 2x extender would have been better).

Was lucky enough to meet a hotel guest who had an extra pit and paddock pass. He was doing videography work for the team racing BMW numbers 94, 174, and 195 (E9). Was really thankful for this opportunity to see the paddock and pit areas during the ADAC Zurich 24-Rennen first qualifying session. After the night qualifying session finished (about 11.30 pm) we walked along the pit straight, and even got a couple of shoots as the cars came down the pit straight. Where ever you looked their was a hive of activity. Wow, what an experience and opportunity of a lifetime.

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9740)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9803)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9811)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9742)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9875)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9862)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9857)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9844)

2013_Nurburgring (HC7A9880)Some paddock and pit shots

5 thoughts on “Quick Blog – 2013 Nurburgring 24 Hrs (May 17)

  1. Hey!

    Like the 1st Shot. Greetings from Nürburgring Nordschleife. I told you at “Wippermann” how to walk to the section “Hohe Acht”. Thanx for your card. Still a nice stay in Germany.

    1. Hi, many thanks for telling me how to walk to Hohe Acht, really appreciated your advice. When I get back to the USA I’ll be posting more photos. Thanks again for your help. Really enjoyed the Nurburgring 24 Hr experience.

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