Spotlight – Lexus LFA at the 2013 Nurburgring 24 Hrs

I must admit before the Nurburgring 24 Hrs I had never heard of the Lexus LFA, guess I’ve been “living under a rock!” Then on our first day at the track I saw the Lexus LFA for the first time at the Breidscheid spectator area. A sleek looking car was quickly decelerating as it came down the steep hill in torrential rain, with its yellow headlights blazing (which always makes it difficult to get correct exposure, BTW) before turning sharply to the left, and accelerating down another hill, before climbing up a hill and shooting through a slight right-hand curve into the mountains. I thought to myself “wow” what a car. When I got back to the hotel I showed other guests the photos of this car, and they told me it was a Lexus LFA. I immediately did some research on the web about this car. Continue reading “Spotlight – Lexus LFA at the 2013 Nurburgring 24 Hrs”