2018 Marvelous Clouds Over the White Mountains (Dec 22)

At the end of December last year went for another day trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. The day started with overcast skies, but transitioned to a beautiful afternoon of light and marvelous clouds. Hope you like the photos.

Started this photography adventure along I95N at Franconia Notch under overcast skies with very limited visibility.

By the time I arrived at Echo Lake, the clouds got lower and it started to rain. So I quickly took some photographs of the ice covered lake.

Since the weather wasn’t clearing, continued driving along I93N, to Route 302, through Jackson, then to Route 16 on the north-east side of the White Mountains. By this time it was mid-afternoon and the strong wind was starting to clear the clouds from the sky, so stopped at the roadside lookout near Glen Ellis Falls. It was so windy that after I set-up my tripod, it was blown over. Luckily it fell on a snow bank, and my camera wasn’t attached. I said to myself “lesson learnt, hold onto your tripod when a strong wind is around”. Spent several moments watching the wind interact with the clouds over the mountain ranges and looked for interesting compositions. Saw this beautiful cloud formation over a nearby mountain summit, so quickly took the photo, since moments later it was gone due to the strong wind pushing the clouds away.

Looked to my right and saw this massive cloud formation moving through the mountain range. Quickly repositioned my tripod and camera to capture this spectacular view, which reminded me of the cloud which rises from a large explosion. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and just stood there and looked in awe.

Looking back to my left and behind me, I noticed the strong winds were making some very interesting cloud formations over a mountain range. So, re-positioned my tripod and camera and waited the the right moment. The rapidly moving clouds made it look like the mountains were alive. The above scene made me feel like a huge tidal wave of clouds was about to cover the mountain below it.

Continued driving along Route 16 to look for more compositions, but decided to head back before the sun went down. Turned the car around and headed south along Route 16, through Jackson, and stopped at the roadside lookout in Intervale. By the time I arrived here the “magic hour” was happening with the soft beautiful light creating wonderful colors in the cloud-filled skies and soft lighting on the mountains below. Was thinking how lucky to be here to capture these magical moments.

Thanks again for spending your time to read this blog.


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