2018 Franconia to Crawford Notch in the White Mountains (Dec 1)

In December of last year went for another day trip to the White Mountains. This time, it was a drive from Franconia to Crawford Notch. Hope you like the photos.

Packed my photography bags and headed out of the house around 7.00 am for the drive from Boston along I93N to Franconia Notch in the White Mountains. Upon arrival at Franconia Notch, continued past Echo Lake, onto Route 18, then down the snow-covered road to the car park. When exiting the car I saw beautiful snow covered trees which put a smile on my face.

Grabbed my camera gear and walked through knee-deep snow across the bridge which spans Lafayette Brook to the look out where there is a scenic view of the valley below. Behind me there is usually a great view of Mount Lafayette. However, the cloud cover was so low today, that it completely blocked the view of the mountain, so decided to walk back to the car and drive to Crawford Notch.

Left the snow covered car park and headed onto Route 3, then onto Route 302 to Crawford Notch.

Along Route 302 visited the road-side lookout for a view of the Omni Mount Washington Resort. On a clear day you can see Mount Washington in the background.

As I was driving along Route 302 noticed the clouds were starting to clear, so looked for a place to stop beside the road. After parking the car looked behind me, and saw this beautiful view of low clouds clearing a mountain top, allowing the light to illuminate the snow covered scene below.

Continued along Route 302 into Crawford Notch State Park and parked in the car park on the side of the road opposite Hart’s Location. Near the car park I saw a great view of the snow covered Saco river with part of Crawford Notch peering through the clouds in the background. Really liked this scene, so processed the photo in color or black and white.

Walked along the edge of the Saco River then across the bridge.

Half way across the bridge I stopped, so I could take in this wonderful view of “converging streams of light”.

Upon reaching the other side of the Saco River, walked along the river bank and saw this beautiful view of Crawford Notch.

Thanks again for spending your time to read this blog. Really appreciate it. Now onto my next “weekend” adventure!


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