2017 – Day 2 at the Westfield International Airshow (Aug 13)

As mentioned in the last blog, had such a great time at the Westfield International Airshow, that I needed to come back for a second day. This blog is about day 2. Hope you like the photos.

For this photoshoot decided to take a different lens combination than yesterday, with the goal of taking different types of photos. So left the 300mm at home, and brought 35mm and 70-200mm lens (and 1.4x extender).

2017 Westfield (DLY_1341)

2017 Westfield (DLY_1362)After parking the car at Lot C walked over to the static displays at the North end of the airfield. The massive Lockheed C-5 Galaxy dominated the static displays at this end of the airfield. The C-5 is an intercontinental heavy-lift  transport plane and is one of the largest military planes in the world. Was cool to see a sticker indicating where the C-5 would park on the runway.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1378)Headed to the static displays behind the C-5 and turned around for another view of this incredible aircraft.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1393)The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker was very popular with spectators.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1395)2017 Westfield (DLY_1409)Also saw a Lockheed C-130 Hercules four-engined turboprop transport aircraft.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1516-2Around 11.00 am the aerial demonstrations started with the Black Daggers US Army Special Operations parachute team. A military version of the ram-air parachute is used, which allows the team to parachute with more than 100 lbs of gear.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1553-2)After looking at the static displays at the north end, started to walk down to the other end of the airfield for the first part of the airshow. On my way, turned around and saw some of the large crowd on hand.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1586-2)A large crowd were also along the flight line at the south end of the airfield in front of the North American B-25 Mitchell and Douglas C-47 Skytrain.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1592-2)The USAF Thunderbird F-16s were lined up ready for their air demonstration later in the day.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1848)The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III gave an impressive aerial display of its high speed, maneuverability, low speed passes, and ability to take-off or land with very little runway.

2017 Westfield (DLY_2103)The North American B-25 Mitchell was part of the American Airpower Museum WWII aerial demonstration which also included the P-40, FM-2, C-47, P-51, and F-4U.

2017 Westfield (DLY_2370)Next up was the “Acemaker” Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star, seen here speeding through the white clouds.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1417)

2017 Westfield (DLY_1430)After the T-33 display went to the vendor area for lunch, then took a walk around the static displays. In the clouds with the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor (top) and McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (bottom) tactical fighters.

2017 Westfield (DLY_1446)

2017 Westfield (DLY_2584)“She’s the Boss” Grumman TBF Avenger was a very popular plane with spectators.

2017 Westfield (DLY_2592)The Douglas A-1 Skyraider was parked near the hangers after its aerial demonstration.

2017 Westfield (DLY_2610)For the USAF Thunderbird demonstration walked down to the North end of the runway near where the F-15’s were parked so I could get a different perspective from yesterday’s shoot and found a position right up against the flight-line.

2017 Westfield (DLY_2694)

2017 Westfield (DLY_2671)It wasn’t long before the Thunderbirds took to the sky. Opposing solo Thunderbird’s 5 and 6.

2017 Westfield (DLY_2769)

2017 Westfield (DLY_2853)

2017 Westfield (DLY_2857)

2017 Westfield (DLY_2774)Thunderbirds are Go!, with the diamond formation and trails of smoke.

2017 Westfield (DLY_2866)

2017 Westfield (DLY_2884)Its amazing watching the opposing solo’s approach each other at high speed and close to the ground.

2017 Westfield (DLY_2872)At speed with one of the opposing solo’s.

2017 Westfield (DLY_3021)Diamond formation speeding into the clouds.

2017 Westfield (DLY_3044)This “solar flare” shot was a complete accident. While I was tracking the Thunderbirds, the planes flew in front of the sun, which caused the camera to lose autofocus, and created the flare in the lens. From a technical perspective, this is not a good photo since the planes are not sharp and slightly distorted, and of course the flare. But from an artistic perspective, I really like this photo, especially with the prisms of light surrounding the planes.

2017 Westfield (DLY_3099)Towards the end of the show Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 approached the show center, then spilt in different directions at high speed. This was awesome.

2017 Westfield (DLY_3180)The air show ended as each of the Thunderbirds landed one after the other, until Thunderbird 6 landed. Thanks for a great show.

2017 Airshow (DLY_1543)



DLY_1630After the airshow ended, stayed around for a little while to photograph the static displays including the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II (top), the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy (middle), and C-5 and F-15s.

Many thanks to the airshow organizers, staff, volunteers, the aerial performers, and the Thunderbirds for putting on a great airshow the last couple of days. Had a great time and looking forward to coming back.



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