2017 – Sunset at the Eastern Point Lighthouse With Kodak Ektar Film (Feb 18)

A couple of weeks ago went for a drive to the Eastern Point Lighthouse Station on the eastern tip of Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts. The late afternoon sun bathed the lighthouse in beautiful light. Hope you like the photos.The Eastern Point Lighthouse is about an hours drive northeast from Boston. Upon arriving in Gloucester, took Eastern Point Boulevard past Niles Beach to the very tip of Eastern Point. By the time I got here, the sun was starting to set and the temperature was very cold, but thought I’d have time to take some long exposure photo’s of the lighthouse against the coastal waves (Map credit – Google). So loaded my Canon EOS-IV with Kodak Ektar 100 film, attached a 35mm lens, and mounted it onto a tripod. From the car walked along the rocky beach to the east side of the lighthouse, then up onto the granite breakwater wall (which is over 2000 feet long) which separates the cove from the ocean waves. The waves were occasionally breaking over the wall and decided it was probably not wise to set-up a tripod, so turned back to the beach, and dismounted the camera. With camera in hand (and strap around my neck) headed back onto the breakwater wall. Carefully walked about a quarter the way along the wall for some photos of the lighthouse.

01aThe Eastern Point Light Station was established in 1832, and since that time, different towers have been built to house the light, with the third (and present) tower being built in 1890. The white tower is 36 feet tall and the automated light contains an DCB24 optic.

05aNext to the lighthouse tower is an enclosed walkway which connects it to the keeper’s quarters.

17aWhen I got back to the rocky point, was determined to get some long exposures of the lighthouse against the blue cloudy sky. So mounted my camera on a tripod and set it up along the fence surrounding the lighthouse. Even though the light was getting low, still needed a 10-stop ND filter to reduce the light to allow long exposures. I think the shot above was around f/8 at 5 minutes. Really liked how the setting sun bathed the lighthouse in golden light.

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