2017 – The Dog Bar Breakwater During the Golden Hour With Kodak Ektar Film (Feb 18)

After photographing the Eastern Point Lighthouse Station for the last blog, I turned around, and noticed beautiful golden hour light over the Dog Bar Breakwater in Gloucester Harbor. The continually changing palette of colors and clouds in the sky made for some dramatic moments. Hope you like the photos.

The Dog Bar Breakwater is a 2,250 foot long wall that was built between 1894 to 1905 to prevent ships from running aground on the Dog Bar Reef and to protect the harbor from rough waves during storms (Map credit – Google). For the photos below used a Canon EOS-1V, Canon 35mm f/1.4LII, and Kodak Ektar 100 film.

As mentioned in the last blog, was determined on taking long exposure photographs of the Eastern Point Lighthouse and the moving clouds in the sky above.  Since I was focussed on this task, it took me a little while to turn around and notice what was happening in the sky behind me. The sun was very close to the horizon and its light was being partially obstructed by the Dog Bar Breakwater, resulting in soft and scattered colorful light being cast in the sky above.

I think the saying from Grace Coddington was appropriate here, “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you”.

Knowing this beautiful light would only last a short time, I immediately looked around for vantage points, and noticed a location on the rocks near the water below. So grabbed my tripod and camera and headed to this spot.

21aAs I was setting up my tripod and camera, noticed some people walking along the Dog Bar Breakwater, so quickly turned the camera to the left, set exposure, and captured the people as silhouettes against the sky.

22A.jpgWith the sun disappearing behind the horizon, the colors in the sky changed from blue and yellow to dark blue, purple, and red.

30aKept looking for another vantage point since wanted more depth to the photo, so kept moving to the right and noticed where the rocks lining the cove were forming a semi-circle with the Dog Bar Breakwater. By this time, the clouds were “mixed” with intense colors of red and dark blue, with a touch of yellow. The colorful reflections on the water were also getting very intense.

31aThought it was worth trying a long exposure shot of the beautiful disappearing light. So set the f/stop, metered the exposure for the sky, screwed on a 10-stop ND filter, and used an iPhone App to calculate the longer exposure needed to compensate for the ND filter. I think the exposure was around 3 to 5 minutes. Using a remote shutter release, pushed the button, and hoped for the best. As they say, this was a “shot in the dark”, but was really happy that it turned out okay with the dark blue clouds and yellow/red sky being merged into one, and the softened rocks and water below.

Thanks for reading the blog and my recounting of the golden hour at the Dog Bar Breakwater.

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