2014 Le Mans – Wednesday Night Qualifying (June 11)

The Free Practice session finished at 8.00 pm, and decided to stay at the Porsche Curves for the night time qualifying session. In the meantime, got something to eat and drink from the UK Tours food stand, and watched the Porsche Cup cars. The qualifying session started at 10.00 pm and finished at 12.00 midnight, so got some shots of the cars speeding around this corner into the night. Hope you like the photos.

2014 Le Mans (HC7A8711)#92 Porsche Team Manthey Porsche 911 RSR (991) exiting the Porsche Curves (Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 500mm f/4L IS II, f/4, 1/320, ISO 3200)

2014 Le Mans (HC7A8723)As the qualifying session progressed into the night, the headlights of the cars became more pronounced as shown here with the #66 JMW Motorsport Ferrari 458 Italia (Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 500mm f/4L IS II, f/4.5, 1/200, ISO 3200)

2014 Le Mans (HC7A8751)Its amazing how digital cameras these days can capture a speeding object in near darkness and produce a photo with low noise, as shown by a shot of the #7 Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 Hybrid (Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 500mm f/4L IS II, f/4, 1/320, ISO 3200)

2014 Le Mans (222A3303)On the walk back to the car park, had to get a shot of the Ferris Wheel at night (Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II, 98mm, f/9, 1/30, ISO 100)

Left the track around mid-night, and took the “long” way back to the hotel at La Ferte Bernard, since accidentally took A323 South (instead of North) and ended up south of Le Mans. Eventually made it back to the hotel around 1.30 am. Was very tired after being at the track for nearly 10 hours, as well as getting over the jet-lag. So decided to take the day off on Thursday and stayed at La Ferte Bernard so I’d be full of energy for the Pit Walk/Drivers Parade on Friday, and the race on Saturday and Sunday.

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