2014 Le Mans – Race day on Saturday (June 14)

Race day arrives. The tour bus picked up Laura and I around 9.30 am, and we arrived at the track about an hour later. We entered the track at the main entrance, then went to Stand 34, where we had seats over the Audi Sport Team Joest pits and front straight. We stayed at Stand 34 for the pre-race activities, the race start at 3.00 pm, and some of the race. We then went to the bus tour barbecue, then to the Dunlop Stand so I could get photos of the cars in the late afternoon and early evening light. Laura left for the bus back to the hotel around 9.30 pm, and I stayed at the track. Stayed at the Dunlop Stand until darkness fell, then went over to Tertre Rouge and the Esses for some night shots. Around 11.30 pm, walked back to the the bus at the track for some sleep around 12.30 am, and was able to get about 5 hours rest. Hope you like the photos. Continue reading “2014 Le Mans – Race day on Saturday (June 14)”