2013 International Sports Car Weekend (COTA, Sep 21)

Sorry for not doing a post yesterday, but was at The Circuit of the Americas for the WEC qualifying and ALMS race all day. The day started off cloudy and windy, but cleared in the afternoon for sunny blue skies for the ALMS race.

Arrived at the track early in time to see the morning WEC practice session and photographed the cars from the walkover bridge near the 360 Ampitheater for overhead views of Turns 16 and 17. This is a great vantage for panning shots of the cars.

2013_COTA (HC7A3028)

2013_COTA (HC7A3057)Walked around the vendor area and visited the Audi Fan Zone, then walked to the Paddock near the start/finish line. On the way back took a shot of the Tower next to the 360 Amphitheater.

2013_COTA (222A0667)Was lucky to be able to participate in the Audi Motorsport Experience again, which allows entry to the Audi Paddock Club which overlooks the start/finish line, with great views of the front straight and the steep uphill to Turn 1. The Audi drivers also visited for a quick Q&A session. Audi once again has done a great job by providing great food, hospitality, and a Motorsport experience to remember.

2013_COTA (222A0537)

2013_COTA (222A0495)Took some Audi pit action for the WEC qualifying session

2013_COTA (HC7A3195)

2013_COTA (222A1108)

2013_COTA (HC7A3312)

2013_COTA (222A1122)Was fun watching the cars stop for a quick check, before being released from the pit lane onto the track.

2013_COTA (HC7A3269)

2013_COTA (HC7A3307)Did the Fan Grid walk before the start of the ALMS race, and was very crowded. Took some shots to capture the glamour of a motorsport event.

2013_COTA (222A0672)

222A0684Some pre-ALMS proceedings, including the National Anthem


2013_COTA (HC7A3372)

222A0688The start of the ALMS race looking up into Turn 1. Check out all the pro photographers on the stand facing into Turn 1.

2013_COTA (HC7A3382)

2013_COTA (HC7A3385)Took the Audi shuttle cart to the walkover bridge between Turns 2 and 3, then walked down to Turn 10. The afternoon sun makes for great opportunities for rear shots of the cars going though the Turn 3 Esses and the red, white, and blue track colors. Also an opportunity for panning uphill shots between Turns 7 and 8.

2013_COTA (HC7A3456)

2013_COTA (HC7A3517)

2013_COTA (HC7A3520)

2013_COTA (HC7A3634)When I got back to the Audi car park, saw this fantastic R8 with custom paint job. Spoke with the owner and he mentioned that he just received the R8 yesterday with the new paint job. The mix of the matt black, silver, and red is amazing. The owner said the red paint is “day glow-like” and reflects light in the dark.

2013_COTA (222A0792)

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