2013 Audi RS 6 Static Display at the Nurburgring 24Hr (May 18)

At the Nurburgring 24Hr race, the Ring Werk building complex behind the main front straight grandstands has many activities, shops, food/drink vendors, and static displays of high-end cars. Being a big fan of Audi cars, I had to take a look and photograph what they had on display. Taking center stage were an RS 6 Avant sports wagon in matt grey and an R8 two door coupe in matt blue. The matt body work color was very unique and eye-catching and certainly made these cars stand out. The shade and color of the matt paint work changed as you viewed the car from different angles. Here I focus on the Audi RS 6 Avant. Continue reading “2013 Audi RS 6 Static Display at the Nurburgring 24Hr (May 18)”

2013 BMW M635 CSi at the ADAC 24h Classic (May 17 to 18)

The BMW E24 series was produced during the 1976 and 1989 model years and was the first 6 Series coupe made by this automaker (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_6_Series_(E24)). BMW Motorsports introduced the M635 CSi in Europe in 1983. It was essentially an E24 powered by the M88 engine from the M1 and produced about 282 hp. Most of the cars were equipped with special 415 mm diameter wheels requiring Michelin TRX tires. A catalyzed, lower compression ratio version of the car with the S38 engine, producing 260 hp, was introduced in the US in 1987. 4,088 M635 CSi cars were built between 1983 and 1988 with 1,767 US M6 built. Continue reading “2013 BMW M635 CSi at the ADAC 24h Classic (May 17 to 18)”

2013 BMW M1 at the ADAC 24h Classic (May 17 to 18)

The ADAC 24h-Classic Rennen was one of the races that supported the ADAC Zurich 24h Rennen at the Nurburgring earlier this year. The field consisted of a variety of classic race cars made by Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Porsche, and other manufacturers. Within each make of car there were several different models racing. There was a qualifying session on Friday and the 3 hour race was held on Saturday afternoon. The rain during qualifying made for some interesting driving and tested the skills of the drivers. Whats great about the classic cars is the amount of movement they have when racing on the track, especially going around corners at speed or navigating elevation changes. The classic cars “dance”, in contrast to modern race cars which look like they are “stuck” to the track. But I guess that’s “progress”? Continue reading “2013 BMW M1 at the ADAC 24h Classic (May 17 to 18)”

2013 Nurburgring ADAC 24h-Classic Rennen

Its been a busy couple months with work, vacation, and motorsport photography. Finally have a chance to edit photos from the Nurburgring ADAC 24h-Classic Rennen which occurred before this years Nurburgring 24 Hrs. It was a lot of fun shooting the classic cars since they move around the track a lot more than the modern race cars, and the variety of cars racing. Will be posting stories shortly on these classic race cars. Continue reading “2013 Nurburgring ADAC 24h-Classic Rennen”