2013 International Sports Car Weekend (COTA, Sep 20)

Arrived at the track in time for the morning WEC practice session. However, soon after arriving, the rain started to fall, and was very heavy rain at times. Was lucky I brought my rain jacket and pants, and rain cover for my camera gear. Always like shooting in the rain since it’s great capturing the spray coming off the cars tires, “rooster tails” from the rear of the cars, and lights reflecting off the track. For the morning session, photographed from the walkover bridge between Turns 2 and 3, since the sunlight (when it was sunny for about 30 minutes) is lighting the front of the cars. Here are some shots from the morning shoot.

2013_COTA (HC7A2230)

2013_COTA (HC7A2231)

2013_COTA (HC7A2161)

2013_COTA (HC7A2303)The sun came out towards the end of the WEC practice session, and was able to get a few shots with the morning sunlight.

2013_COTA (HC7A2345)

2013_COTA (HC7A2346)

In the afternoon, photographed the ALMS and WEC sessions from Turn 15 Grandstand. This is a great location for side panning, 3/4 front pans as the cars enter and leave the hairpin corner, and rear shots of the cars going down the straight. Once again, the torrential rain made for some great photography opportunities.

2013_COTA (HC7A2536)

2013_COTA (HC7A2589)

2013_COTA (HC7A2557)

2013_COTA (HC7A2651)

2013_COTA (HC7A2630)

Despite the rain, the GT3 Porsche 911 race still took place. The walkover bridge near the 360 Amphitheater is a great vantage point. Probably best to get your shots from this walkover bridge and the one between Turns 2 and 3 on practice and qualifying days since they are not crowded. Here are some shots from the walkover bridge near the Ampitheater.

2013_COTA (HC7A3000)

2013_COTA (HC7A2978)

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