2013 Sebring 12 Hrs (Mar 16, part 3)

Turn 1 (inside turn from Turn One Club, mid-afternoon)

By mid-afternoon started to get hungry so walked over to the Audi Turn One Club for a late lunch and sat in a small Grandstand which was right next to the inside of the apex of Turn 1. This was a great place to be very close to the cars, but taking photos of the cars was very challenging since it was a blind corner. Continue reading “2013 Sebring 12 Hrs (Mar 16, part 3)”

2013 Sebring 12 Hrs (Mar 16, part 2)

After watching the start of the race I decided to walk over to the outside of Turn 1. This is where a chance meeting led to a great photographic opportunity. On the way I stopped at a restroom, then as I was leaving the restroom, put my camera backpack on a Golf cart to organize my gear. As I was doing this, the gentleman who owned the Golf cart asked “where was I going?” I mentioned I was on my way to Turn 1, so he said, “I’ll take you there”. Continue reading “2013 Sebring 12 Hrs (Mar 16, part 2)”

2013 Sebring 12 Hrs (Mar 16, part 1)

Got up early and got to the track around 9 am. Drove through Gate 1 and parked at the Audi Corral overflow car park (thanks again to the Audi fan who gave me a spare parking permit). On race day its very hard to find a general parking area and would recommend parking in the overflow parking area through Gate 3 if you don’t have access to car corrals. I had the day all planned in terms of which track location I would be at, what time of day etc. Had planned to shoot the start of the race between the inside straight between Turns 2 and 3 to get front shots of the cars speeding down the straight and bunched up (like I did last year). However, as you know, all the planning gets “thrown out the window” when you are on site, and in this case it led to some great photographic opportunities, which I’ll expand later in this positing. Continue reading “2013 Sebring 12 Hrs (Mar 16, part 1)”