2019 Mount Washington (Jan 12)

At the start of this year my wife and I spent a couple of days in Jackson, New Hampshire. Along the way we saw some beautiful views of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeast. Hope you like the photos.

As you enter the White Mountains along Route 302N you pass through Intervale where there is a scenic lookout. From this location you have a panaromic view of Mount Washington. In the photo above, you can see the top of a tower peaking through the cloud covered Mount Washington summit in the distance. Also, the house in the foreground gives a sense of scale.

After a day of snow-shoeing in Jackson, we headed back along Route 302S and stopped for a twilight view of the Mount Washington Hotel and the mountain it was named after in the distance. We were lucky that their were few clouds in the sky which enabled a clear view of Mount Washington. For this photo used an exposure of 5 seconds at f/8 using an ISO 100 on a tripod.

Here’s a closer view of the Mount Washington Hotel.

After photographing the hotel, zoomed in for a close-up photograph of Mount Washington. In the photo above you can see the cog railroad tracks on the left and the weather station with towers at the center of the frame. The surface of the mountain looked like a lunar landscape.

Thanks for spending your time in reading this blog.

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