2018 A Fall Visit to Worlds End (Nov 4)

World’s End is a reservation located on a peninsula in Hingham Harbor, Massachusetts. This park consists of rolling hills, beautiful coastlines, tree-lined vistas, and wildlife that is preserved by the Trustees of Reservations. This blog is about a road trip that I took in early November to see the fall foliage at World’s End. Hope you like the photos.

For this photography adventure, left Boston around 6.30 am for the 1 hour southeast drive to World’s End. Its been a few years since I’ve visited this reservation, so was looking forward to this visit to see the fall leaves.

Upon leaving the car park was greeted by beautiful early morning light that cast a soft golden glow over the trees lining Damde Meadows tidal marsh.

After entering the reservation, there is a bridge which takes you across a small tidal inlet to the first drumlin. Once again, the soft early morning golden light made the salt marsh and fall foliage glow.

Continued walking up the gravel path to the top of the first drumlin.

At the top of the first drumlin there is an open grassed area lined with trees. Noticed a beautiful cloud formation overhead, so walked down the hill of the grassed area for a photo of the trees with the amazing cloud formation being blown by the wind across the frame.

As you walk along the top of the first drumlin, you get views of the neighboring regions, in this case, the Weir River and Hull Shore drive that leads to Nantasket Beach.

To my right, I saw what looked a tornado-like cloud formation overhead.

Walked down the hill to give you another perspective of this beautiful reservation.

Reached the end of the top of the first drumlin, so continued down the hill to the second drumlin. From this view, Hingham Harbor is on the left and the Weir River is on the right.

The small piece of land that connects the first and second drumlins is a photographers paradise, with different compositions wherever you look. In the second photo above, you can see the Boston skyline in the left part of the frame.

Really enjoyed walking through the tree-lined “tunnels of light” that take you to different parts of the second drumlin.

When I reached the end of the second drumlin, something told me to walk up the grassed covered hill to an open vista, where to my surprise I saw this beautiful deer. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

The beauty of World’s End is both large and small. Here some red leaves are backlit by the afternoon light.

Headed back to the small piece of land that connects the two drumlins to capture the late afternoon light.

As mentioned above, wherever you looked, there were beautiful images to capture.

On my way back through the first drumlin, noticed this tree-lined vista that was being lit by the low afternoon light, with streams of shadows and light going across the ground. I stood there for several minutes, thinking, wow!

As I was walking across the small bridge to leave the reservation I looked to my left and saw this beautiful view where the water looked like it was on fire. Once again, was thinking how lucky we are to have such a treasure that is World’s End, so close to Boston.

Thanks for spending your time reading this blog. This is the last blog for this year. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and New Year. See you in 2019 with more blogs of weekend photo adventures that we all can do.

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