2018 The Franconia Range in the White Mountains (Oct 26)

After visiting the Henniker Covered Bridge (in the previous blog) headed up to the Franconia Range in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. The Franconia Range consists of several mountain peaks including Mount Lafayette, Mount Lincoln, and the Little Haystack Mountain which are the focus of this blog. Hope you like the photos.

Took Route 89 North onto I93 North through Woodstock and Lincoln to the parking lot for the Lafayette Place Campground in the Franconia Notch State Park. Grabbed my camera gear and walked along the underpass that takes you under I93 North to the Lafayette Place Campground on the other side of the highway. After getting my bearings, decided to walk along the Pemi Loop Trail in a northerly direction. The Pemi Loop Trail is about 30 miles in length and is one of the most difficult hikes in the USA, taking you over several of the “4000 footers” in the White Mountains. I think hiking the Pemi Loop Trail will be a future goal, since I need to train and prepare for such a long hike. Today I was happy just to to a short walk along this trail.

Walked across a bridge that takes you over the Pemigewasset River and scouted for photography locations. After a while decided to turn around and headed back to the bridge. By now the sun was getting lower and casting beautiful light over the snow-caped Franconia Range under a clear blue sky.

Headed back to the car park, then up to the open area near the main road in front of the Lafayette Place Campground. From this location you get a beautiful view of Mount Lincoln. This mountain is 5,089 feet high and is one New Hampshire’s “4000 footers”. Really liked the contrast between the brown trees in the foreground and the snow-covered alpine trees covering the mountain.

To the left of Mount Lincoln you can see the southern shoulder of Mount Lafayette. This mountain is 5,349 feet high and is the highest point in the Franconia Range.

Walked to my right for a slightly different composition of Mount Lincoln with less foreground in the photo.

Took several steps backwards for a wider view of Mount Lincoln. Tried to capture the different layers in this photo from the shadow covered trees in the foreground, to the soft light covered trees, through to the snow covered mountain.

Walked to my right so I could capture a photo of Mount Lincoln and Little Haystack Mountain to the right. Despite being 4,800 feet high, Little Haystack Mountain is not a “4000 footer” due to its less than 200 foot prominence.

Looked around for a different photo composition and noticed some large trees in the park. Walked behind one of the trees and exposed for Mount Lincoln in the background for this photo called “mountain tree”. Wasn’t sure what it would look like, but when I go home and saw it on the computer, was really happy with it.

Looked back to my left and noticed the southern shoulder of Mount Lafayette being covered by layers of light and shade.

For the next series of photos, decided to process in black and white to emphasize the snow-capped mountains and range.

Thanks for spending your time reading this blog.

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