2018 An Afternoon at Chocorua Lake (Nov 17)

During mid-November last year went for a drive to Chocorua Lake in New Hampshire. The reason I went to this lake was to see a striking view of Mount Chocorua. Hope you like the photos.

Recently I saw some beautiful photos of a New Hampshire lake in the foreground and a mountain in the background. After some online research I found out that the photo I saw was of Mount Chocorua and a lake at the base of this mountain. Mount Chocorua is about 3,500 feet high and is located south of the White Mountains. Despite not being a “4000-footer”, Mount Chocorua provides a striking image due to its “classic” mountain summit shape. So the next day, left Boston for the 2.5 hour drive along I95N, then Route 16N to Chocorua Lake.

2018 Chocorua Lake (dly_8861)

2018 Chocorua Lake (dly_8867)When I arrived at the lake the skies were very overcast, with little light adding to the landscape. Due to the flat light, decided to take a series of shots which I would latter process in black and white. The fractured ice along the lake shore was very dramatic and provided an interesting foreground.

2018 Chocorua Lake (dly_8819)

2018 Chocorua Lake (dly_8814)The overcast skies over Mount Chocorua gave the feeling of an impending storm.

2018 Chocorua Lake (dly_8887)However, the wind picked up and as the afternoon progressed, the clouds started to dissipate, revealing blue skies and warm yellow light. To add drama to the moving clouds and to soften the lake surface, I used an ND filter and a shutter speed of 30 seconds. Really liked how the light created reflections on the ice and added depth to the background with rays of light and shadows.

2018 Chocorua Lake (dly_8948)With the fading light was in two minds, should I stay or go. Part of me said go, since its was getting colder, but the “photographer” in me said stay. So stayed and was lucky to be greeted with beautiful light during the blue hour. Really glad I stayed.

Thanks again for spending your time reading this blog.

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