2018 The Wonder of Giraffes at the Franklin Park Zoo (Sep 16)

This blog is about the Masai giraffes at the Franklin Park Zoo. Giraffes are the world’s largest living terrestrial animal and belong to the Giraffa camelopardalis genus and species. Giraffes are characterized by their very long necks and legs, as well as the distinctive dark brown and white pattern on their coats. Had a great time photographing the giraffes a few weeks ago at the zoo under the beautiful afternoon light. Hope you like the photos.

2018 Franklin Park (A86I4079)

2018 Franklin Park (A86I4086)

2018 Franklin Park (A86I4107)

I think this was my favorite giraffe photo. For several seconds the giraffe moved its head in a side-ways motion to the left and right while looking upwards. Its the first time I’d seen a giraffe do this kind of behavior. I guess the giraffe must have seen the beautiful light above it.

2018 Franklin Park (A86I4196)

2018 Franklin Park (A86I4207)

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