2018 Natural Wonders at Mount Auburn Cemetery (Sep 9)

Its been a little while since I wrote my last blog, so thought it would be a good time to write a quick blog about a recent trip I took to Mount Auburn Cemetery. Hope you like the photos.

The Mount Auburn Cemetery was established in 1831 and is the first “garden” cemetery in the USA. The cemetery is located between Cambridge and Watertown, which is only a short walk from where I live in Belmont. Mount Auburn cemetery is a National Historic Landmark¬†with picturesque landscapes, walking paths, sculptures and a sanctuary for wildlife. For my visit to Mount Auburn Cemetery I took a Canon 1DX Mark II, Canon 500mm f/4L IS II lens, and 1.4x extender II since I planned to photo birds. This cemetery is one of the premier birding locations in Massachusetts. However, when I got there I wasn’t able to find many birds to photograph, although I could hear them. So decided to look for other natural wonders to photograph and below is what I saw from water lilies, to frogs, to dragonflies, to squirrels. Will definitely be visiting Mount Auburn Cemetery again to photograph birds.




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