2017 – Giraffes at the Franklin Park Zoo (Aug 6)

The Franklin Park Zoo is situated in Boston and has many animals on exhibit including lions, tigers, gorilla’s, and giraffes to name only a few. Its one of my favorite places to visit since I love animals and photographing them. I’ve been to the zoo a couple of times, but usually when it was very early or late in the year, which is too cold for the giraffes to be on exhibit. Last Sunday was a beautiful summer’s day in Boston, so headed to the zoo to see the giraffes. Hope you like the photos.

During the warmer months of the year the Masai giraffe can be seen grazing in the Giraffe Savannah. When I visited the zoo last Sunday was lucky to see the giraffe calf, Amari, and her mother Jana. Amari was born about a year ago and like all baby animals, is very inquisitive, but her mother was always keeping a watchful eye. I think for the time being, her father Beau, is kept separated from Amari and Jana.

2017 Franklin Park Zoo (DLY_9411)

2017 Franklin Park Zoo (DLY_9414)

2017 Franklin Park Zoo (DLY_9435)

2017 Franklin Park Zoo (DLY_9464)I first saw Jana when I arrived at the Giraffe Savannah. You don’t realize how tall adult giraffes are until you see them in person. Here’s some different photos of Jana.

2017 Franklin Park Zoo (DLY_9445)

2017 Franklin Park Zoo (DLY_9441)Didn’t realize a baby giraffe was at the zoo, so you could imagine my excitement when I saw Amari for the first time.

2017 Franklin Park Zoo (DLY_9450)2017 Franklin Park Zoo (DLY_9451)Was fun watching Amari eat from the grass container, with her mother always close by.

Thanks for reading this short blog. The next blog will be on “animal portraits” at the Franklin Park Zoo.



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